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June 2, 2011

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Me and my accordion

About  me and my  five row chromatic

Zero-SetteL40 Accordion with  120 basses

My own compositions for the Accordion

I've composed more than 20 tunes for the accordion. I've made some of them available in notation (draft and 300 DPI GIF's as well as Postscript) and in sound files (AU/RA/MID) as well. To the tunes.

Some useful information

This is Gary Blair from Scotland playing a Uniform Keyboard!

VRML 3D Accordion model

  Read more about it (View the model and some snapshot images)

Accordion Gallery

Note! - I don't own all the accordions in the gallery and I'm not selling anything. I've got requests for price information!

Inside an Accordion

  Take a look inside this Accordion

It's never too late to start playing!  

Here's Sven, 100 years old! He started playing when he was 91. Unfortunately, he's no longer among us. He used to play diatonics (durspel) and harmonicas. He was having hard time selecting instrument when the key was changed. He was the only one not playing a chromatic accordion in the accordion club.

Composition contest

I know there's a lot of talented composers out there. Just play around for some time on your keys and sooner or later you'll have a brand new tune!

No contest right know but check out the waltz competition and the Polka competition.

Ransäter Accordion Festival

  Read about what's probably this biggest squeezing event in the world!

A lot of pictures and sound files from 1996

And there's also the Walter Eriksson Musikfest at Vasa Park, Budd Lake, New Jersey, USA!

Fun stuff
18 accordions can't be wrong! Try this if your browser supports animated GIF's. 

I've compiled a list of accordion jokes that I've found on the web.

Accordion links  

Links to other accordion pages

Comments, suggestions, corrections?

I have more or less translated some of this stuff directly from Swedish.
If I'm using the wrong terminology or if my English is too bad, please let me know.
Suggestions about including topics not yet covered are also welcome.


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